FREE Work@Home Assessment

This FREE Work@home self-assessment is designed to provide feedback on how you are doing during the COVID-19 times of turmoil and uncertainty.

The assessment uses a model developed by Gabrielle Treanor using the metaphor of sinking or swimming given the many life-changing events that have occurred. If you’re in the water, you could say that you’re either in the Zone of Survival (head under the water, perhaps drowning a little), Zone of Acceptance / Maintenance (where you are treading water but not particularly comfortably) and the Zone of Growth (where you are ok with the changes and can swim competently in the given conditions).This self-assessment is a proactive approach to see how you are doing during this time of turmoil and uncertainty. Your scores and narrative feedback will be sent you to by email and will below of the assessment as you complete it.

When you complete the form below, You will be emailed an invite to the assessment. Once completed, your scores and narrative feedback will be sent you to by email.

If you are working at home, the Work@Home assessment provides means of getting feedback from you and your colleagues to improve work@home culture and performance.

If you want information about the Organisational Work@Home Planning and Implementation assessment, please Contact Us

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