Wellness 2022

CHECK THE FACTS. Call on your own INDEPENDENT FACT CHECKERS and we are sure you will confirm that:
  • The impact of covid-19 and the way it was handled by most governments and some organizations led to wellness concerns and issues for employees – both physical and mental
  • Nearly three years later there is generally a greater health-consciousness and a raised awareness of the importance of proper nutrition, exercise and fitness, better work-home integration…
  • There is a definite need for organizations to pay more attention to, and become more adept at, helping employees to meet their changing wellness needs


We find it sad that a book called Lost Connections was published during this era of connectivity. It highlights how we have in fact become disconnected from ourselves, others, meaningful work, meaningful values and a reasonable hope for the future. (Hari, J. 2018) Our sense is that covid social distancing and regulations that (rightly or wrongly) infringed on our basic rights, have added to the extent to which we have disconnected.

And by the same author a few years later, an exposition called Stolen Focus explains how this technological, ‘connected’ age has led to our inability to concentrate. (Hari, J. 2022) In our view exacerbated by a consequence of ‘long covid’: brain fog.

His piѐce de résistance however, is a talk explaining how the world in which we live is characterised by social isolation and uprooted values – causes of widespread anxiety, depression and trauma. (Hari, J. 2019) Every CEO and HR Director should watch and learn from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB5IX-np5fE Especially because a new phenomenon is being reported, that of ‘silent quitting’; not speaking out but working-to-rule, doing the minimum possible right when more is required for organisations to perform and survive.

Towards a Cure

Even if they don’t verbalise it, employees are crying out for wellness, physical and mental health support.

CultureScan offer an up-to-date confidential, valid and useful wellness check for the organization, which leads to them offering actionable analyses, interpretation and recommendations.

This is a great way for leaders to listen, and then respond immediately.

Go to: https://culturescan.biz/wellness-assessment/

Their short, focused probe covers the coping and resilience status of employees; employee’s experience of and sense of the general wellness situation, what is happening in their circles; and a reading of how for both remote and onsite work, new needs are emerging.

In support of conducting the assessment for your organization is a timely article by Dr Curtis Friedel, Enhancing leadership by promoting coping behaviour (in order to boost creativity and problem solving) (Curtis, C.R. 2022) in doing this leaders also promote psychological safety and an improved wellness climate.

Be decisive and commission the Wellness 2022 assessment for your organization now.


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