Leading Change In These Topic Categories

We provide a number of themed Conversation Packs that enable you to assess and create useful, actionable feedback for individuals, teams and the organization. Each Conversation Pack includes; Web-based assessments for your audience, access to real-time reporting, opinion pieces describing the assessment and the thinking behind it, actionable reporting and a handbook for engaging/facilitating conversations to have in your organisation based on your unique feedback points.

Barriers & things that hold us back, dysfunctionality, energy levels

  • Escaping psychic prisons
  • Making our workplace more cohesive
  • Diversity and discord
  • What are the boundaries of what we’re prepared to discuss
  • Empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs

Culture, people dynamics

  • What is the spirit of our workplace?
  • The masks we wear
  •  Wellness
  • Employee Value Propositions
  • Becoming story-competent on the journey to wholeness
  • Enter spirituality
  • Language, jargon, communication styles

Leadership & governance

  • Leading to flourish
  • Governance
  • Board Member

Purpose, direction

Living the organisation’s purpose

Developing a culture of sustainability


  • Entrenching basic business skills and a learning culture
  • Knowledge power & Mastery
  • Change fatigue, resilience and readiness


  • Superior customer and stakeholder service
  • Sales performance
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Teams

Themes where you can stimulate change include Leadership, Corporate Governance, Change Resilience, Service Quality Assessment and Innovation among others.

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