This assessment looks at how you are engaging the pandemic. It is based on a model developed by Gabrielle Treanor We use the metaphor of sinking or swimming given the many life-changing events that have occurred.  If you’re in the water, you could say that you’re either in the zone of Survival (head under the water, perhaps drowning a little, struggling to survive), the Acceptance zone (where you are treading water and coping but not particularly comfortably), and the zone of Growth (where you are ok with the changes and can swim competently in the given conditions).
1.A001; My fear of being left behind, uninformed, and lost in a fast changing world glues me to the news and social media
2.A002;My self-esteem is too determined by other’s and societal expectations, and doesn’t yet rest on my own acceptance and appreciation of myself
3.A003;I lack a clear vision or purpose for my life
4.A004;I fail to take regular time-outs to find rest and perspective
5.A005;I feel listless a lot of the time
6.A006;I do the minimum required to get through the day
7.A007;I’m in victim-mode too often – angry, anxious, sad, naming and blaming events and others
8.A008;How I feel, think and act are not always congruent, in alignment
9.A009;I don’t always understand nor do I accept and manage my strong feelings
10.A010;I have still to learn that some things are out of my control, other things I can influence, and yet others I can change or do something about
11.A011;I find it hard to accept what seems to be unfair
12.A012;I strongly dislike anything that is unknown and uncertain
13.A001;I am no longer swayed by every piece of news, or rumour, that I am exposed to on social media or elsewhere
14.A002;I’m gaining new technical skills enabling me to connect, communicate and relate ‘virtually
15.A003;I have taken the opportunity to revisit and confirm my own higher purpose and core values
16.A004;I find joy in what used to be mundane chores, habits and routines
17.A005;I am freeing myself of workaholic tendencies
18.A006;My life is becoming more balanced between the social, home and work ‘spaces’
19.A007;I understand the interconnection between the physical, mental, social and ‘spiritual’ – and am learning to achieve calm, focus, and positive, forward movement
20.A008;For me music, massage, movement, meals, mental stimulation, time in nature and fun are meaningful ways of refreshing and resetting
21.A009;I am learning to worry less, to self-sooth, reframe and view things from more than one perspective
22.A010;I am beginning to maintain a realistically positive and optimistic attitude
23.A011;I’m becoming more proactive if something needs to be corrected or done
24.A012;I’m more confident about my own beliefs, views and abilities
25.A013;My decision-making and problem-solving skills are improving
26.A014;My support groups (trusted family and colleagues and friends) are where I can express my feelings without fear of judgment or criticism
27.A015;I am learning to cope with losses and learning to let go of what is no longer useful, helpful to my inner well-being and relating efforts
28.A016;By sharing vulnerabilities and uncertainties with those I trust, we are able to learn from each other’s stories and situations, and make more sense of things
29.A017;It is becoming more and more clear to me that high-tech must be accompanied by high-touch if we are to mature as human beings
30.A018;I adapt readily to change, and adversity
31.A019;I am fast – developing a growth-mind-set and learning to spot opportunities for learning and growth
32.A020;I have empathy for others in most circumstances, and have become far more other-oriented
33.A021;I read fiction literature and it helps me to gain understanding and insight into human behaviour, stimulates my imagination, and informs my thinking
34.A022;I am gradually learning to be more comfortable with facing the unknown
35.A023;My own mortality, the death of a loved one, and coming alongside someone who is dying are no longer topics and events that I avoid
36.A024;I have become far more aware of the interconnectedness of everything (people/ nature/ other species) and have a strong desire to belong and contribute to a sustainable, better life for all
37.A026;For me being prosocial, giving, showing compassion for self and others is a key driver of my approach and activities
38.A027;Stillness and silence, a time to reflect and mull over things has become important to me
39.A028;I’m convinced about the benefits of becoming mindful as a way of living more fully in the present
40.A001;I’m able to look back on memories and learning experiences without any resentment or regret
41.A002;I value looking to the future and at possibilities, without allowing my imagination to bring about anxiety or concerns
42.A003;I have daily routines (or a journal) that facilitate gratitude, patience, hope
43.A004;My capacity to love (in the physical, social, natural and ‘spiritual’ realms), is growing
44.A005;On my personal growth – path I recognise that I am being pulled by a desire for a life that is characterised by trust, respect, curiosity, enthusiasm and wonder, love.
45.A006;I want to learn to communicate non-violently with others, including ‘opponents’ – focusing on shared requests and needs, rather than focused on divisive issues
46.A007;A way of being I belief I should aim for is being self-emptying (kenosis) to relate better to and serve others effectively, and thinking with a bigger mind and more open mind – so ‘and/ both’ applies as much as ‘either/ or’
47.A008;I am concentrating on developing and telling stories that build bridges and do not erect walls between people
48.A009;There are numerous ways of demonstrating love at work, home and socially – in live and online situations – including listening, encouraging, standing up for someone who has made a courageous stand, quietly assisting another, noticing when someone has a need (for silence, being uplifted, and for support) …
49.A010;I am being driven more by intrinsic motivation (belonging, work satisfaction, finding meaning, developing personhood and presence, caring for the planet, giving to other people) and less by extrinsic motivation (power, qualifications, status, position, possessions, pseudo-pleasure (hedonism), trying to be ‘perfect’).
50.A011;The ‘big’ existential questions have become important to me (Who am I? Why am I here? What difference can I make?)

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