Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon receipt of your order and confirmation of your payment instructions, we will provide you with a Conversations Lead Change pack relevant to your selection(s) from the CultureScan.Biz Product Page.
  2. The Conversations Lead Change pack includes
    • Topic-related opinion pieces & references
    • Notes for facilitates to implement the conversations
    • Notes on report interpretation
  3. instructions are provided in the Conversations Lead Change pack for uploading the email addresses and first names of the audience you have selected to participants in the assessment.
  4. We will agree a start and end date during which time the assessment will be open
  5. We will activate the assessment and send out invitations to respondents
  6. We provide real-time reporting of feedback from implementation of th assessment
  7. We provide a final report within two business days of the assessment closing

All intellectual Property is copyright to CultureScan.Biz, Graham B. Williams and Kokopelli Partners (Pty) Limited.

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