Story Circles to empower teams


The CultureScan process consists of a fast-feedback-loop survey of a chosen topic/ an immersion process for groups and their members/story circles/and employee-led implementation.

Culture is how a collective/ organisation thinks and feels and acts, what they relate to, believe in and share together. This includes their values, rituals, norms, underlying assumptions, how they do things, how they respond to problems, decisions, challenges and change. What makes them “tick”, “come alive” and what their comfort zones are.

Story (and anecdote, imagery, metaphor) is part of our DNA, a special way of sharing, making sense of things, inspiring, conveying insight, a means for people to learn and decide what action they will take. A remarkable blend of art, science and mystique – creativity, reason and something higher.

Circles are places where small groups (8 to 12 people) learn to shape and practice a new culture and contribute to growing immensely strong relationships while shifting the wider culture dramatically. In a safe space, facilitated in a casual, relaxed, non-directive and unintrusive manner, and where consistently amazing outcomes are achieved. (A special sort of facilitation is needed, as unobtrusive as possible. CIRCLE work has to be experienced to fully appreciate its power and beauty).

How do Circles Work?

This is what Circles are and do. An Acronym:

  • A safe, CONTAINED SPACE. A unique social construct where people are heard, build collective intelligence and companionship
  • An INCUBATOR for the ‘whole person’ and a shared, emerging future. Deeper mindfulness, relating, thinking and knowing develops naturally. A ‘shared mind’ begins to emerge
  • A RELATIONAL CAPACITY BUILDER. Circle participation equips individuals to connect across all diversities
  • Free-flowing CONVERSING at a deep level. This fits snugly with David Bohm’s dialogue process
  • A LEARNING SPACE where knowledge and systemic knowing, and maturities happen. Ken Wilbur describes as waking up, growing up, and becoming ready to clean up and show up
  • An ENLARGEMENT opportunity for participants. Growth mind-sets, outward ripple effect

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