Stories and the CultureScan process

Story intersects with the culturescan throughout the process. When an organisation’s leadership first approaches us this usually signals more than simply an interest – but a pressing need and a desire to shift into a new mode of leading and operating, a new culture narrative

The participants journey follows a story cycle of disruption/fear/problem to exploration/adventure/ exposure …. to harnessing difference …. to discovery/ catharsis/ overcoming what seems insurmountable, finding solutions …. On the way to a new birth and beginning.

Step One of the process, the topic assessment reveals the current organisational story being told and heard by its members; begins to surface hurts, difficulties, obstacles but also hero-characteristics, strengths, new possibilities. Following their submissions, the respondents are shown the bigger story that they are part of, one that may have been hidden to them

Step Two participants are immersed in new knowledge, a range of views and opinions, a chance to reflect, converse, make sense, imagine. The beginnings of lasting change are triggered by metaphor, archetype, imagery, story in many forms.

Step Three sees participants finding themselves and others, examining and reframing, sharing in the safety of expertly facilitated anecdote circles. They soon after receive analyses – the combined left and right brained story that has emerged according to their crafting

Step Four sees the start of the implementation phase of the process, where bonding and teaming has resulted in a shared ownership and commitment to living a new narrative

Ready for your journey?

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