Authenticity & Masks


Authenticity & Masks Assessment



Takes us into areas like transparency, trust, in-groups and out-groups, honest relationships, vulnerability, self – esteem. Areas where people may experience healing and growth.

This wide ranging survey (although brief) survey goes beyond leadership authenticity and trust. It exposes the extent to which employees perceive that the organisation is living its espoused values, find that they have to pretend instead of being real (acceptance, positive attitude, impressing, being busy ….), what fears, insecurities and dysfunctions are inhibiting honesty, relationships and performance. Dealing with those perceptions, feelings, fears and resulting behaviours in a direct, fair and gentle manner can have a remarkably positive impact on morale, trust and intrinsic motivation. At the same time strengths-based actions reinforce positive cultural elements.

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1-500, 1001-2000, 2001-3000, 501-1000