How we work together

  • You select the themed Conversation Pack in the area in which you want to effect change
  • We implement and test the assessment and the report-back system
  • Invitations, reminders and completion thank you emails are sent to assessment feedback participants automatically.
  • You have access to real-time statistics and feedback  throughout the feedback period
  • On survey close you are provided full reporting and actionable recommendations based on feedback derived from survey responses
  • We provide a full facilitators pack to engage the conversations you can have using the outputs from the assessments


  • Creates confidence and involvement – by showing that you you´re interested in people’s opinions and ideas and that you’re prepared to listen and interact – participants have the sense that their opinions matter to you
  • You get to hear what you need to hear rather than what people thing you want to hear
  • Streamlines product and service delivery
  • Finds novel solutions
  • Establishes on-going conversations with employees and customers to benefit the organization

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