Pricing Policy

A number of variables apply, and that each case is dependent on elements of pricing such as in the following menu:

BASIC (Giving left and right brain analyses, triggering involvement, showing way forward):

  • ·We charge a fee per participant per survey (minimum of 10 participants) This fee covers interpretation and feedback including graphical representations
  • A set up cost per survey applies for surveys for less than 25 participants (This includes deciding on the breakdowns to be applied)
  • Where surveys are customised for clients, there is an additional management fee
  • Facilitation of anecdote circle explorations and conversations, typically 2 hours and up to 12 employees – followed by feedback reporting, and including exercises and opinion pieces as part of participant’s preparation


  • Ad hoc consultation arising is negotiated and charged separately
  • Fee for training of in-house facilitators to required standard (live and using forums such as Skype/ Vsee)
  • Where a number of topics are explored and analyses are complex, then clients are informed in advance of any additional analyses, feedback costs that may apply


  • A separate arrangement for franchisees can be negotiated, based on an annual fee, in-depth training and on-going monitoring

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