Pricing Policy


Pricing Policy

Our pricing is fair and reasonable. Affordable. Value for spend is frequently complimented by clients. A number of variables apply. Every case is dependent on elements of pricing such as:


  • We charge a fee per participant per survey (minimum of 10 participants). This fee covers overseeing administration, interpretation and written feedback including graphical representations and explanations. The fee varies according to the number of respondents on a decreasing sliding scale. It also varies country by country depending on the strength of the local currency.
  • A set up cost per survey applies for surveys for less than 25 participants (Set up includes deciding on the information segmentation/ reporting breakdowns to be applied).
  • Where surveys are designed specifically for clients (Statements/ Questions/ Segmentation), or significant customization is required (for example, language level and conventions, phraseology, client-specific open-ended questions, there may be an additional management fee.
  • Administrative guidance and Facilitation of anecdote circle explorations and conversations, typically 2 hours and up to 12 employees per circle – followed by analyses, feedback and written reporting, and including exercises and opinion pieces as part of participant’s preparation.


  • Ad hoc consultation that arises is negotiated and charged – for separately.
  • Fee for training of in-house facilitators to required standard (live and using forums such as Zoom).
  • Where a number of topics are simultaneously explored and analyses are complex, then clients are informed in advance of any additional analyses and feedback costs that may come into play.


  • A separate arrangement for franchisees is negotiated, based on an annual fee, in-depth training and on-going monitoring and assistance

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