KR2020 Organisation Assessment

What is the KR2020 Assessment?

The KR2020 assessment provides a quick. easy way to get feedback from around the organisation around how your staff really feel about their digitally-connected work@home setups. The assessment aggregates responses from all participants and is designed to identify those areas in which you’re doing well and those in which you could make improvements

How it works

Each employee gets a personal invitation to participate in the assessment. Once they have completed the assessment, respondents receive a personalised feedback report. We also provide management report that contains actionable recommendations based on all the responses.

  • All we require: The first name and email address of each participant that you would like to include in your assessment (excel or csv format is best).


The costing for this assessment is R25 (ZAR) per participant with a minimum fee of R500 for an organisational assessment.

If you’d like to run this assessment for your team, please fill out this form and we’ll contact you regarding timing and payment arrangements

Data Privacy: We only require email addresses and first names to personalise invitations. Once we have completed the overall organisational report, we’ll provide you with the report and the and the raw data. We store only anonymised data once a survey is completed.

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