Employee Value Proposition

A Powerful Process to Design a Compelling EVP

EVP should be a strong two-way magnet. An ideal EVP is what makes employees and potential employees ready and willing to bring their talent to engage, perform, achieve and advocate on behalf of their employer. And is the ingredient that feeds the employer’s desire to serve, satisfy and to partner with its employees. It is deeply relational. When employer and employee aims, values and practices are in harmony, then there are beneficial outcomes for both in terms of reputation and reward.

But their pull is waning. Organisation Employee Value Propositions (EVP) are fast losing their magnetism. Because credibility and trust in organisations and leaders is on the decline, employee’s first loyalty is to themselves and family and they no longer seek long term employment, work from home has not delivered on its initial promise, and exposure to social isolation and a disruption of beliefs and values in recent times has left its mark.

And they need renewal. Clearly, organisations need to assess the appeal and validity of their current EVP for today’s working environment and marketplace.

Patagonia have recently boosted their appeal with a moon-shot initiative. Remarkably, their owner and founder Yvon Chouinard has given the organisation to a non-profit. ALL of their future profits after any reinvestment will go towards fighting climate change. Chouinard: “Earth is now our only shareholder”. What employee would not be proud working for Patagonia!

Of course few will be able to emulate Patagonia, but to meet the urgent need for organisations to act and up the ante with their EVP, we’ve designed process consisting of a fast – feedback diagnosis of their current EVP that provides employers with insight and direction, and which is followed by a Circle methodology that facilitates the involvement of employees in EVP redesign, and captures story that entrenches renewed attraction in their hearts and minds.

And attention to wellness. Savvy, caring employers do well to carefully monitor employee emotions and behaviours during these challenging times. Times that abound with uncertainty and threat for many employees (voiced or not). Wellness covers the whole person – cognitive, psychological, and social and it is common cause that where employee health and well-being is harmed, their interest in and motivation by an EVP will be less. (During covid, for example a research study revealed how “women took on the stresses of the families and their husbands, and they felt guilty that they couldn’t ease the stresses of their families”. Female employees’ perceptions of EVP’s would have changed as a result. Collective Trauma Summit 2022. Preview video. Dr Gabor Maté. Accessed 16 September, 2022. https://collectivetraumasummit.com/preview)

Hence, we offer a second assessment (that covers wellness) in tandem with the EVP diagnosis. Organisations can then proceed deftly and have confidence in producing a uniquely attractive, sustainable, competitive-edge EVP.

Contact us at info@culturescan.biz to discuss how your organisation can immediately mobilise the resources we offer in order to revitalise your EVP

15th September 2022

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