Elephants in the Office: Taboo Conversations

Conversations avoided, like elephants in the office, don’t go away. They form the undercurrent of relationships in organisations, creating the mood and setting the tone of all interaction. The more elephants there are to edge around, whisper about, insinuate, hide and deny, the more grouchiness, sniping, resentment and enmity there is. Co-operation is stunted. Creativity suffers. Everybody is unhappy. Courageous leadership can re-activate the spirit of a values-driven collective by having convetabooconversationsrsations that matter.

We begin the process with easy- to-participate surveys. Expert analysis supplies leadership with an overview of the issues preventing a positive, values-driven workforce. With this knowledge constructive, open and confidential group conversations are conducted.

The insights and understanding participants gain may then be reinforced with internal media and other activities, ensuring long-term, enduring change. Participants see that they have been heard and their concerns are addressed. They can again engage with each other, share knowledge and skills and be generally more productive and happy.

  • Elephants in the Office: Dangerous Conversations delineates the boundaries of what employees find difficulty talking about, what is troubling them at work and they wish to discuss
  • Authenticity and Masks takes us into areas like transparency, trust, in-groups, honest relationships, vulnerability, self – esteem. Areas where people can experience healing and growth
  • Change Fatigue and Readiness, Personal Resilience is becoming increasingly necessary as compliance demands increase, the rate, magnitude and complexity of change threatens to overwhelm, and some begin to sink. The characteristics of the resilient are also characteristics of modern leaders: Purpose and meaning (which incorporates values and virtues). Intrinsic motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Adaptability , Empathy, Expressing feelings, Positive attitude, Being proactive, Inner Locus of Control, Sharpening the axe, Mindfulness
  • Harnessing Diversity to Achieve Harmony – harnessing diversity professionally and positively in an increasingly diversifying workplace has become an absolute imperative
  • What is the Spirit of your Workplace? Can Love be a part of your Culture? Research now clearly shows that the neglected human side of business needs addressing if we are to realise potential, purpose, high performance. There are sound ways and means of introducing compassionate love to improve the way we interact with communities, the environment, customers, suppliers and employees. Compassion also equates to influence and leader charisma according to recent research
  • Story Competence and Application has a strong bearing on everything done in business, from branding, change initiatives, presentations, knowledge management, emotional connections internally and externally ….. It’s a shame that too many do not know how to effectively share in storytelling, capturing and listening
  • Creativity and Innovation Stifled or Released? Individually and in groups, organisations require ongoing innovation to stay competitive – step change and incremental. Yet many employees feel shut out or lack curiosity, awe and wonderment, and/or are not properly equipped
  • Cohesive Workplaces where head, heart and hands aspects are in balance overcome toxic or hampering dynamics and stimulate commitment, fruitful engagement, loyalty
  • Language and Communication Style Effectiveness directly determines how people feel, think and act in their workplaces, how well conflict is prevented or addressed, and the smoothness with which plans are executed
  • Effective Teamwork happens when people together embrace shared purpose, vision, values, contribute responsibly to tasks and relationships, take accountability for producing agreed outputs, collaborate in harmony, uplift each other , converse empathetically
  • Superior Customer Service leverages people, process, technology within a strong outward focused culture, recognises that customers now include communities, citizens, environmental activists, suppliers, employees and all stakeholders who impact on an organisation’s performance and reputation, includes a section devoted to contact centres
  • Escaping Psychic Prisons. We are no longer in the mechanistic, command and control age. Employees seek balance between their work, social and home lives. They resent being bound and trapped in meaningless, stifling environments. Instead they wish to be liberated and long to contribute and perform

We look forward to helping your people overcome any fear of openness they may have on topics identified using the survey. If you’d like to experience the on-line questionnaires, please email surveys@culturescan.biz

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