Elephants in the Office: Taboo Conversations

Conversations avoided, like elephants in the office, don’t go away. They form the undercurrent of relationships in organisations, creating the mood and setting the tone of all interaction. The more elephants there are to edge around, whisper about, insinuate, hide and deny, the more grouchiness, sniping, resentment and enmity there is. Co-operation is stunted. Creativity suffers. Everybody is unhappy. Courageous leadership can re-activate the spirit of a values-driven collective by having convetabooconversationsrsations that matter.

We begin the process with easy- to-participate surveys. Expert analysis supplies leadership with an overview of the issues preventing a positive, values-driven workforce. With this knowledge constructive, open and confidential group conversations are conducted.

The insights and understanding participants gain may then be reinforced with internal media and other activities, ensuring long-term, enduring change. Participants see that they have been heard and their concerns are addressed. They can again engage with each other, share knowledge and skills and be generally more productive and happy.

Elephants in the Office: Dangerous Conversations delineates the boundaries of what employees find difficulty talking about, what is troubling them at work and they wish to discuss


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