Customized Assessment Service

You need to ask some important questions of your staff, stakeholders and customers. But the problem is you KNOW that they’ll probably only tell you what you want to hear. This is why you should think of CultureScan.Biz as your partners in web-based organizational feedback assessments.

CultureScan provides real-time analysis so you can track how respondents are engaging with the assessment. When the assessment is completed, we provide a full report including recommendations on how you can best effect desired change using the responses.

We provide real-time assessments that get to the heart of what people really think and feel about their relationship with your organisation and brand. Not only does this give you potent indicators about how to tailor your workforce, product or service, it also uncovers the kind of innovation that can help make vital improvements.

CultureScan.Biz provides a range of on-line assessments- from organisational culture through change readiness, innovation, leadership, brand image, disruption, change and customer satisfaction,to corporate governance among others.

We work with you as a 3rd party. People are more honest, freer to give spontaneous and genuine feedback than if you were to ask the questions yourself. This is especially the case if you are wanting feedback from your own staff. Responses are anonymized by default so respondents can feel free to share their views. What would you like to know?

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