CultureScan Quick Overview – Major Findings


Managing Culture

  • Only one-third of HR professionals think their organization manages the critical issue of culture well

  • The CulturesScan process is designed to assess and manage all aspects of culture and an be customised as needed

Measuring Culture

  • Most organizations do not know how to measure culture well, especially across different departments.

  • Cultural assumptions, values, artifacts are examined in detail and graphical analyses presented, broken down as specified by department/ level/ experience/ age … assessments are both quantitative and qualitative

A Top-Down Approach to Culture

  • Most organizations fail to evaluate culture as it pertains to the majority of employees or individual preferences, behaviours, thinking styles; the inter- workings of teams and bringing new and diverse talent into the organization.

  • CultureScan encourages the widest possible inclusion on an equals basis, and is championed by leaders, driven by employees. It is top-down and bottom-up. The process accommodates psychologically safe expression and diverse viewpoints

Budget for Culture.

  • Just one-fifth of HR professionals have a budget related to corporate culture

  • CultureScan is affordable, flexible, controlled by the user- organization throughout the process

Success with Culture

  • Participants who think they manage their corporate culture “very successfully” and “successfully” are more likely than others to report that they define their culture, value, diversity of thought, assess regularly, understand employee preferences, make everyone accountable for culture

  • With CultureScan everyone is included in the culture-management endeavour. Different aspects of culture may be regularly assessed as frequently as required.

  • When new culture demands emerge or existing aspects need strengthening, CultureScan provides what is needed (For example:

  • Shifting the diversity frame beyond equity and inclusion to belonging

  • Ensuring agility and resilience for the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Revitalising governance and sustainability/ regeneration strategies and execution

  • Introducing improved communal and individual leadership approaches

  • Reinforcing psychological safety

  • Steering employee activism positively

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