CultureScan in work-from-home times

The Culturescan process facilitates your organisation’s agility. It is a fast-feedback-loop process that well in live, remote or hybrid situations. New topics added to our menu of surveys include the planning, implementation and monitoring of virtual/ distributed work organisations, and a service that enables employees to assess their own mental health during lock-down. Before the implementation stage (when employees have connected deeply and are ready to implement their agreed journey) the survey, immersion and forum stages take place


Survey respondents provide their answers via Computer or smartphone. Questions are designed to aid diagnosis and sense-making, and also to expose respondents to statements that often embed new words, metaphors and ideas that awaken them to the possibilities inherent in the topic being surveyed. Feedback may be via reports sent by email and or on online Zoom event (and usually include information, analyses, graphical representation and narrative elements).

Immersion in Topic

This optional (deep dive) step may sometimes occur after the Forum Discussion stage of the process. Via email and Zoom/ Skype we deliver reading, video clips, reflection and discussion exercise material to embed knowledge, and stimulate interest in the topic as it applies to the respondent’s organisation


The process seeks solution, but at another level fosters individual growth and team bonding and development, and nudges organisational culture in the right direction. Armed with the knowledge and preparation provided in the first two steps, constructive, open, positive and confidential ‘group conversations’ are conducted on Zoom. We use precision-crafted questions to pull together the collective wisdom that resides in the organisation. These forum events follow anecdote circle protocols to ensure that every voice is heard in a psychologically safe space. They generate more of value that a typical meeting where (as Milton Boyle observed) minutes are taken and hours wasted! This is where a new narrative for the organisation begins to concretise. Jerome Bruner, “The richest learning comes from narrative …. It deals in human or human-like intention and action and the vicissitudes and consequences that mark their course”. 

If beyond this point further guidance, coaching or additional work is required in order to see a bigger picture and implement a new narrative, this is also conducted using virtual platforms.

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