CultureScan DIY Assessment

Designed for busy CEOs, Board Members, Directors, this short assessment gives you an immediate overview of what is typically below the radar in your organization.

The assessment provides written and graphical feedback showing your strengths and growing & learning edges for improvement, to prioritize. You get a reading of how healthy, robust, equipped, and ready to perform your organization and its members are.

Fill in the form below to get immediate narrative results on your input, plus a score to indicate your strengths and your growing & learning edges for improvement. You can easily relate these to the conversation topics in the above illustration.

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1.You aim to have a caring, serving leadership that is built on continual inner work, deep connectivity and the development of a larger, non-dualistic mind?

2.You have in place comprehensive, spiritual corporate governance processes that involve the Board, leadership, management, employees and stakeholders?

3.You have a clear higher purpose, employee value proposition, and an authentic and generous approach to corporate social responsibility, sustainability/ regeneration (economic, social and environmental), employee wellness and well-being, and an acceptance that being and doing work hand in hand?

4.In support of your higher purpose: you have the right values, converted throughout the organisation to mature character virtues, so that disconnects between stated values and on-the-ground behaviours do not happen?

5.Your organisation is adept at strategizing and operationalising, collaborating, engaging employees, and is organised around projects that are incubators for wider, positive cultural and operational growth?

6.Knowledge, wisdom, learning, and striving for mastery (assisted by story, quality coaching, mindfulness practices, and taking place within a loving workplace) is always growing and deepening?

7.Your organisation is THE benchmark and sets best practice for competitors and others to follow?

8.You quickly and deftly handle change and take opportunities to stay ahead of the game?

9.Your organisation’s character (culture) is maturing as you continuously hold meaningful conversations at every level, and keep a finger on the culture-pulse?

10.Your customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders spontaneously advocate your organisation to others?

11.Over the past 3 years has your revenue and after-tax profitability (or equivalent measure) shown a consistent upward trend?


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