Combining Conversations Lead Change

Every situation is unique. Sometimes a need may be addressed by a single survey (which could trigger a need for other conversations to be held). Sometimes, when faced with a situation that takes them into new territory, that represents a threat, or that calls for quick and deft addressing, then leaders may wish to mobilise their organisation around a few conversations that are appropriate to the challenge being confronted. A combination of surveys may be called for:

Disruptive, radical change threat. Marketplace pressures may necessitate quick, deep and robust responses in terms of business processes, people and technology. Here an appropriate survey set may consist of creativity and innovation, customer service, building resilience and team work.

Major employment equity change. An organisation that has lagged behind with its employment equity endeavours and about to appoint Black directors, leaders and managers on a large scale would benefit from diversity, cohesiveness and change fatigue conversations.

Under-performance can begin to be addressed by a package of conversations that could include team work, basic business skills and learning, living the purpose, the spirit of the workplace, psychic prisons, story, knowledge management, superior customer service, sales performance, developing mastery

External Image and reputation not matched internally. A client offering counselling, coaching and training services, staffed by independent professionals in different areas, and needing fresh purpose, behaviours to be exhibited congruently with espoused values – were concerned about emerging and unhelpful cultural dynamics. They opted for initiating conversations around taboo conversations, authenticity and the spirit of their workplace. They have embarked on a significant transformation journey.

Discovering an organizations soul. A new CEO aware of a need to probe and nurture the soul of a Retail franchise organization may select from psychic prison, cohesiveness, spirit of the workplace, purpose, beliefs, encouraging craftsmanship (mastery), enter spirituality and sustainability conversations in order to pursue this intention.

Initiatives that emerge during the Conversations that Count for Change process are not limited. They may include individual coaching, business process redesign, training workshops ……….. The list of conversation topics continues to grow. New conversation starters (surveys) may be developed in response to specific needs not yet addressed by existing surveys.

To assist organisation’s in deciding what surveys and conversations will be most useful in their development, a free optional survey has been developed and is available upon request – Taking the Organisation’s Temperature.

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