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CultureScan’s assessment method has been crafted by consulting experts to add business value in the field of governance, leadership, teamwork, co-operation, HR, communication, thinking skills, social skills, storytelling, psychology and motivation

Culturescan Founders

Steve (based in Johannesburg) and Graham (in Cape Town) founded Culturescan in 2016 with the purpose of bringing to organisations an effective way of being agile and deft when tackling change at the strategic, operational and culture levels. The number of survey topics has grown substantially.

Culturescan has become more sophisticated over the years but has remained true to the directness, simplicity and yield of the process. Experience of its acceptance beyond South Africa has been heartening and encouraging. And its popularity has grown during a time when the way in which work is done has changed dramatically, the levels of stress and new skills and practices are rising, and trust in leadership, customer and employee loyalty, business stability and conversational ability have all been in decline.

Graham and Steve run independent operations, but collaborate where possible and recently responded to a call from World Scientific Publishers to produce a chapter for an upcoming encyclopaedia of business storytelling. Flowing out of this a book emerged which vastly expands on the initial chapter, and has been launched recently by Books33. The Amazon Kindle version may be found at:  https://amzn.to/3aJ8xWx

Stéve Bánhegyi

Stéve is a past and present student of psychology, both academic and traditional. He lectured Information Systems at WITS university for over 4 years and has worked as a consultant and facilitator with organisations in Africa and Europe.

Stéve is also a beekeeper and has studied hive-mind and bee communication for several years. Since 1982, he has increasingly made use of Storytelling in participative management programmes, engaging individuals and teams in governments, NGOs, private and listed companies. He enjoys taking diverse audiences through processes involving story driven Change, Co-operation, Creativity, Culture, Corporate Consciousness and Communication.

Stéve’s speaking and writing topics include storytelling, change and innovation using metaphors from the natural world and ancient cultures. He helps people experience a completely new and alternative view of organisational life and relationships using African storytelling – a way of seeing the world that can be used simply and effectively in modern corporations.

Graham Williams

Graham has Batchelor of Arts and Honours Commerce degrees in psychology, economics, advanced HR challenges and consumer behaviour. He is a member of the Board of Advisors for Books33, a seasoned management consultant and executive coach, and a neuro-linguistic practitioner.

Graham has worked in over 40 countries in many sectors and industries. An essential component of his ‘motivational fingerprint’ is to overcome severe organisational blockages by installing creative, healing solutions – from concept to implementation. He also works with small groups and individuals (with a ‘whole-person’ approach – physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual). He focuses on the use of narrative, story, anecdote, imagery, metaphor, proverbs and small-group-circles as practical, critical contributors to successful business interventions, including culture-shifts.

Graham’s first book (of ten business books in total) was about storytelling and story listening in business life and was published in 2014, then updated and expanded in 2017. He plays the tenor saxophone and reads a lot

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