Engage and change your organization through conversation.

CultureScan addresses a range of business imperatives, probes virtues, values, culture, team dynamics, resilience, risk levels, sustainability, relationships and more. By combining and analysing feedback from all involved, immersing participants in new ways of thinking and working, a comprehensive picture emerges of areas, processes and relationships in your organization that need attention. As solutions are found and changes made, so does your work culture and relational dynamics.

Choose from 30+ Smartphone enabled assessments. Affordable. Engaging. Fast. Easy.

CultureScan creates a living feedback loop, essential to any change process involving many people. We ensure each participant feels valued for their input. Graphic reporting makes the group assessment simple to absorb by each participant, giving a holistic sense of shared head-space, heart-space, essential processes and growth points.

Comment: We loved CultureScan’s discovery method, successfully-applied knowledge, vast experience and old and emerging wisdom. As food people, we appreciated the creative blending in just the right amounts that gave us unique signature dishes; each dish with presentation, aroma, taste, and nutrition that delighted our participants and left us all well satisfied.

The CultureScan Process is Simple

  • Assessment. Select the appropriate assessment/s for your situation – to ask the right questions (We’re ready to help you do this!) Provide us with the email addresses and first names of each participant. Our system handles invitations and responses. You get to see the responses as they come in on a dashboard that we provide. We help interpret the results that give clear feedback on how things are.
  • Immersion. Going deeper. Participants are immersed in new knowledge, a range of views and opinions, a chance to reflect, converse, make sense, and imagine. Individually and in optional small groups.
  • Story Circles. In-person story and anecdote circles help participants to integrate right brain knowledge to their left brain understanding of the assessment topic. The left and right brain team is mobilised for purposeful bonding, engagement and commitment. Comprehensive feedback is provided.
  • Innovation. As people step into their roles with confidence, ongoing conversations unlock insights, creative solutions and implementation streamlining. They produce answers to the questions that have been raised.

During the process we engage with you as your participants develop a ‘do-it-yourself’ capacity, take ownership, implement strategic solutions, and experience culture-change of their own making.

CultureScan is a seamless adjunct to engaging many people in focused conversations and entrenching stories that bring about desired change in individuals, teams and the organization. The process is simple to understand and easy to implement. It is based on an age-old formula: Listening. Intelligent Feedback. Conversations that Lead Change.

CultureScan’s assessment method has been crafted by consulting experts to add business value in the field of governance, leadership, achieving mastery, activating purpose, teamwork, co-operation, HR, communication, thinking skills, social skills, storytelling, leveraging knowledge, psychology and motivation.

Topic descriptions appear under  Conversations Lead Change: Elephants in the Office, taboo conversations and Corporate Governance. All CultureScan offerings are inclusive, providing trust, engagement, bonding, creativity, purposefulness and practicality. Try a sample assessment.

CultureScan  can get to the heart of what people really think and feel about their relationship with your organization and brand. This provides potent indicators to help you to tailor your workforce, product or service. It also uncovers the kind of innovation that can help make vital improvements. What would you like to know?

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