360/180 Leadership Assessment

Our unique 360/180 Leadership assessment is designed to help you understand how your colleagues see you and how you see yourself in the workplace.

the easy to read feedback report allows those assessed to focus on needed improvements, on the leveraging of their strengths, and on attending to relating needs.

many researchers have found that in times of unexpected, unsettling changes, trust, respect and confidence in leadership is threatened – and an invitation to participate and communicate by being an assessor helps greatly to alleviate this natural tendency.

Our 360/180 assessment is easy to to do and takes around 7 minutes to complete. If you are brave enough to know how you are seen by yourself and others, this is for you.

The difference between how you and your colleagues rate you reflect your growing-and learning edges. Your assessses are anonymous and this makes them more open to tell you what they really feel. 

the Feedback report is much more substantial and what is shown is only a sample. Free form comments are also included

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