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CultureScan’s assessment method has been crafted by consulting experts to add business value in the field of governance, leadership, teamwork, co-operation, HR, communication, thinking skills, social skills, storytelling, psychology and motivation

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The fast-paced business world demands agility and exceptional skill in responding to wave upon wave of challenge and opportunity. Culturescan offers a proven process of scans and conversations in order to facilitate this needed operational excellence and culture.

Every time a change happens externally or internally, every time a strategic decision is taken, or a game-changing innovation, service or product is introduced, every time a business process introduced or altered, every time the human dynamic or the values, norms and rituals within an organisation are impacted the result is a shift in the overall culture of the organisation.

Our aim is to enable you to stay ahead of the game, by providing the Culturescan process, suitably customized for your unique organisation and its people; to constantly tell the stories that make you proud.

A Fast – Feedback Loop

The essence of a Culturescan intervention is to create relevant, actionable feedback, fast.

WHAT IF? You had to find out the opinions of 2000 people around a specific issue in a diverse global company within 24 hours …. and begin a harmonising process…… or to urgently raise leadership self-awareness because trust and respect seem to be declining. You wish to ascertain for every member of a leadership and management team, how every member of staff and every other leader and manager perceived them on a range of considerations …. How would you do it?

We have a unique way of getting useful feedback from your employees, stakeholders and customers using a range of focused web-based assessments/ surveys. Responses and feedback are immediately available and because we provide an impartial 3rd party service, you might get to hear the kind of feedback that your communities wouldn’t tell you directly.

However, the surveys should not be viewed only as a set of diagnostics. Rather, they are an integral part of a process designed to bring to the surface and hold important conversations that:

  • Are natural (They are different to meetings, debates, idea-exchanges) and aimed at ‘participatory thinking and acting’
  • Yield critical information and feelings when professionally facilitated
  • Involve everyone, all the way through to the implementation of new narratives
  • Address what helps and what hinders strategic, operational and emotional progress within an organisation, and uncover ways forward
  • Bring about a readiness to improve performance and participative culture shifts

The conversation element in the process is in itself a culture-shift.

How the process works is more fully explained in the section of this web site called just that!

The work done by CultureScan with you has been designed and crafted by experts to add business value in the fields of governance, leadership, teamwork, co-operation, people-development, communication, thinking skills, creativity, emotional and social skills, storytelling and listening, inclusion and belonging, motivation and purposefulness.

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